US internet TV and movie streaming giant Netflix has arrived in Australia. Much like the American set-up, the Australian version of Netflix offers a three-tier subscription model and focuses on both premium movie and TV content.

Netflix allows consumers to stream movies and shows to more than 10,000 different internet connected devices including Sony Playstation, Xbox and Mac devices. The company has recently started producing its own content, resulting in incredible, exclusive TV shows for its viewers.


Netflix Premium Subscription Content

Netflix brings with it a slew of original productions, such as ‘House of Cards,’ ‘Arrested Development,’ ‘Bloodline’, ‘Marco Polo’ and ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.’ Subscribers can also enjoy a long list of Hollywood blockbusters, acclaimed US & UK TV Dramas and much, much more.

Benefits of Netflix

  • Cancel at any time, with no lock-in contracts.
  • Start watching straight away, with a free trial.
  • Set up individual viewing profiles for each member of the family.
  • Enjoy unlimited access to more movies and TV shows than you could watch in a lifetime.
  • Watch popular Netflix exclusive content created in-house, and exclusive to Netflix subscribers.

Netflix Pricing

Netflix has a starting price of just $8.99 per month. Similar to Stan, the streaming video giant has no hidden fees or extra costs for new release movies and premium TV shows. Consumers can upgrade to either “Standard” or “Premium” plans enabling simultaneous viewing across 2 and 4 screens respectively. Netflix’s “Premium” plan also offers Ultra HD viewing across relevant content.

Basic Subscription

  • SD on 1 Device

Standard Subscription

  • HD on 2 Devices

Premium Subscription

  • UHD on 4 Devices