That’s what Napster founder and early Facebook investor, Sean Parker, thinks consumers will do announcing plans for a new movie streaming service called Screening Room.

Screening Room will allow people to watch movies at home on the same day they make their big-screen debuts and according to a report from Variety, the concept now has the backing of Steven Spielberg, Peter Jackson, J.J. Abrams, Ron Howard and his producing partner Brian Grazer. The cost – $50 a movie!

With such Hollywood Heavyweights backing the controversial venture insiders believe the service will take off. Screening Room will charge users $150 for access to the anti-piracy equipped set-top box, with $50 a movie, and as much as $20 per film going to theatre owners.

This could signal the death of movie theatres all together. Would you pay $50 to watch a new release movie in the comfort of your own home?

Watch Business Insider’s take in the video above.