Ever tried to watch a movie on Netflix simultaneously with a friend in another location? Hitting that play button at the exact same time just doesn’t ever seem to work. But now there’s a chrome extension that can help.

Introducing Netflix Party – a chrome extension that lets viewers sync their Netflix viewing session across time and space and adds a group chat sidebar for good measure. for movie nights with that long-distance special someone.  It not only synchronizes video playback but also  adds group chat.

Netflix Party

Netflix Party is easy enough to install.

Step 1: Install Netflix Party

Click here to install.

Step 2: Open a video in Netflix

For example, Ice Age: The Meltdown.

Step 3: Start or join a Netflix Party

Click on the icon in the address bar to get the party started.

WhichFlix.com.au advises this extension is not actually Netflix official so install at your own risk.